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How to find a Patio Contractor

Is your deck or patio in need of a rebuild, or are you interested in creating a brand new deck or patio to fill out your lawn? Finding a deck and patio contractor takes a significant amount of research. Learn how to understand the intricacies of deck and patio contracting to find the best contractor for your job. How should you go about searching for the perfect contractor? These are some steps that you can do in finding a suitable patio contractor.

Find a Patio Contractor

Ask for referrals

The best way to understand if a contractor is right for you is to speak with someone who used the company in the past. Find a possible contractor online, and ask your friends and family if they used the company before. Browse the internet to find unbiased reviews and ratings. Type in the company name and include the word “reviews” to reveal the most promising results. Compare all the company reviews to understand which options are highly praised.

Think local

Choose a company with a positive reputation in your area. Porch, sunroom, patio and deck contractors in your area will be aware of the local building codes, terrain and weather conditions that impact the designing and building of an outdoor living space.

Compare apples to apples

If you obtain bids from a number of deck contractors, make sure that each one is bidding on the same scope and quality of work. If there are differences, ask why.

Ask questions

Continue your research by analyzing contractor websites. Check to see how long the deck and patio contractor has been working in the business. View the website to see if the contractor has a portfolio of pictures. View past jobs to understand if the contractor has completed jobs in the past that fit your style choices. Send an email to the contractors, and see if the company offers free estimates. This is important for realizing project constraints. Ask the contractor if a job fits in your budget. It is necessary for making sure that your prospective contractors and builders are licensed and insured by government requirements.

Get several bids

Consult with several different patio and deck contractors, and speak with them face-to-face. Ask them who will be working on your project to make sure you do not receive a new worker or someone with less experience. Once you have three or four contractors ask each of them to make you a bid. Let them know that you are talking to other contractors to create urgency. Evaluate each bid by looking at the quality of work and the cost for each company.

Learn about the job details

There are a handful of job intricacies that make contractors stand out. Figure out if each contractor includes an outdoor bathroom for workers to use. This ensures that none of the workers venture into your own house and mess things up. Understand if the same contractors will be working on the job throughout its entirety. If they plan on switching people out you risk losing consistencies in the work. Also, ask for a work schedule of the project. A detailed schedule helps you visualize how long the project will take and when you may have to take off work to monitor the job site.

Get a warranty

An outdoor living space is an investment. Every contractor should offer a written warranty to prove they stand behind their craftsmanship.

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