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Patio deck service

patio-deckThe different variety of choices available for a patio deck surface could be a bit overwhelming. To make decision making an easy affair your first task is to decide on the materials that you will be using for your patio deck. This can further be decided by what the main use of the patio would be. For example, if the main purpose is for general outdoor entertainment, then you would require a solid and flat surface. Materials for such a surface could be like brick,cast pavers or any flat stone, like slate. Though the patio surface is decided on intended use and aesthetics, the requirements of a solid foundation to lay it is of utmost importance. Some patio deck service, ready and primed for your projects are given here.

Concrete patios

This most commonly used patio, exhibits a lot of modern appeal. This is ideal for spaces where the edges need to be defined crisply. However, the services of an expert in laying it are highly recommended, as the setting of concrete takes place fast and if you have no prior experience, things may go wrong.

Concrete slabs

A creative patio can be made using large slabs of concrete for an outdoor arrangement, like a fireplace. You can leave spaces for plants and trees to match your patio with the surroundings.

Wood decking

Though wood decking is comfortable and classic looking,  it is twice as expensive as concrete surfacing. Wood decking also needs more maintenance than other materials, but the beauty of it is that it can almost be fitted anywhere.

Deck tiles

These innovative tiles are so designed that they can be snapped together to create a deck in a modular way in almost any place you desire. The best benefit of deck tiles are that they can be installed easily and fast. These are ideal for places which look unattractive, and need to be covered up in emergencies. Depending on material and source, their cost is roughly the same as that for concrete, and maybe a little less also. Once installed, the tiles need to be stained and sealed to safeguard them against the vagaries of changing weather conditions.

Brick and stone

This surface exudes an old world charm with its cobbled look and looks sensational in any domestic setting. Costing slightly more than a concrete surface, this brick and stone surface can be installed over the weekend, if it is small and dry laid. A larger and more complex patio is advisable to be handled by experts. A professionally laid patio filled with mortar will easily outlast a dry laid one. Not only that the leveling will be perfect and there would be less problems of small grass and weeds growing out of the joints.


This hard and strong material is available in different shades from lilac to blue. The cost is considerably higher than any other patio material, especially as it needs to be shipped. Installation requires the work of an expert, as bluestones are heavy and difficult to lay in position. The resulting patterns,however, look like a work of art.


This relatively inexpensive choice, is not only hard wearing, but perfect for paths. Can be laid on your own or by a professional, if you do not feel up to it.

Besides patio deck service, we also offer decorative concrete in Boca Raton. Please contact us for the service.