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South Florida Concrete Pin Piles and Foundation Support

Preventative Maintenance Support Services specializes in professional residential and commercial concrete pin pile and foundation support services in Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Lake Worth, Delray Beach, Manalapan and surrounding communities.

You can think of concrete pin piles like concrete stilts for your building, or perhaps like the vertical supports you see holding up a pier that juts out into the ocean. When the foundation under your building or structure begins to settle, it’s happening because of weak or compressible soils under the foundation.

Preventative Maintenance Support Services uses hollow steel pipes known as pin piles to stop foundational settlement. We drive the steel pipe into the ground around the foundation until they reach solid, uncompressible soil or stone. We then remove the pipe or pump concrete around the pipe and attach it to the settled foundation lifting the foundation in the process.

Concrete pin piles can also be installed by drilling deep, strategic holes into your foundation until they reach compressed soil and then filling those holes with grout (a mixture of water, cement and sand).

Concrete pin piles offer a significant advantage over other alternatives to repairing foundational settlement:

  • Pin piles are much cheaper than many alternatives to repairing damaged foundations.
  • Because pin piles can be small in diameter, they can be utilized in difficult-to-reach places.
  • Pin piles are particularly effective in areas like Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Lantana and surrounding communities where many homes and businesses are built atop easily-compressed, shifting sandstone.
  • The weight of your structure’s foundation helps the pin pile bind with the surrounding soil.
  • Pin piles can be driven hundreds of feet into the ground and have been proven to help support high-rise buildings.
  • Our experienced crew can calculate the required location and strain levels required for pin piles to adequately support your structure.
  • Pin piles can support loads ranging from 50 to 200 tons.

As structures age, predictions about the foundational movement a building will withstand may prove to have been incorrect. Larger, commercial buildings may survive longer than anticipated, or extreme weather events such as hurricanes which are common in South Florida can erode soil that was previously integral to helping support a foundation. In each of these cases, concrete pin piles can strengthen the foundation and save a structure from further damage. As the benefits of concrete pin piles become more well-known, we expect the industry to grow rapidly, and we’re confident we will remain a leading name in concrete pin pile installation in South Florida.

Our professional concrete pin piles help your home or business withstand South Florida’s weak and compressible soils. Preventative Maintenance offers professional concrete pin pile services in Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Boca Raton and surrounding communities. We are licensed and insured, use superior quality materials and offer an extended warranty on all of our concrete pin pile services.

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