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Poured Concrete

concrete pin pilesWhen you want to build simple applications like sidewalks and driveways or more complex ones like ceilings, reinforced concrete floors and ceilings in South Florida architecture, then concrete slabs should be your choice.


You will get a lot of benefits by using concrete driveways than tar driveways, mainly when you want it in Southern Florida. When you want to prevent from bad weather and the formation of potholes, then using a lighter material will help as it stays cool in intense sunlight and looks better with light coloured houses.

Unless you use pavers on concrete, using concrete driveways is better than paver stones. When you want to use paver stone on sand, then you need to adjust it periodically else it will sink. Growing of irritating weed is the worst thing when you consider about using pavers. Only when you are ready to buy plenty of Roundups for keeping the weeds at bay, you can opt for a paver deck.

Driveway Repair

We can work on old concrete driveway and repair it and texture it for making it look new again.

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